Francesco Bandello

"I have actively participated in voluntary missions in Africa since I was 18 and I am convinced that every individual must experience volunteering at some point. The XOVA program is an extraordinary opportunity to improve human quality of life and vision in developing areas, and create a community of people attentive to those most in need. I'm proud to be a XOVA judge."

Nicole Eter

"XOVA is an excellent tool to provide support to medical specialists with an innovative idea addressing unmet needs in the field of ophthalmology. With the help of this grant, pioneer projects will be triggered to improve eye care in various parts of the world."

Anat Loewenstein

"As an international member of the ophthalmological community, a researcher, clinician and teacher, I am regularly travelling to all parts of the world to teach about new diagnostic and treatment modalities, joining my colleagues' fight against retinal pathologies that threaten vision loss. For this reason I am well aware of the huge responsibility we have as doctors and of the importance of XOVA and similar initiatives to give a better chance to every patient everywhere, regardless of geography and politics. We are fully aware that there are countries where blindness still occurs from diseases that already have solutions such as cataract and others, and we would like to contribute as much as we can to eliminate this. We are also aware that there are bright, hard-working, enthusiastic individuals who have great ideas, and who are willing to devote their time and expertise for this goal, and for whom funding by XOVA will be crucial. I think that we need to devote the award to sustainable programs that teach and empower the local people to continue the doing, and thus will be self-perpetuating."

Xiaoxin Li

"I have often been frustrated by the significant number of people deprived of proper ophthalmic healthcare. However, as a XOVA judge, I am delighted to see how resident ophthalmologists are overcoming such restrictions, and striving to sustain and develop local eye care services. Credit should be given to the XOVA for its continued efforts in helping and improving practical ophthalmology in developing countries."

Tom Sheidow

"The XOVA is a fantastic opportunity to provide support for an outreach or community support program, which can provide the foundation for future improvements in local eye care in underdeveloped areas of the world. The many projects I have had the opportunity to review have shown the breadth of creative outreach ideas and unique solutions to complex problems faced in other parts of the world."